2/25 lima – San José, CA

Lima, Peru
February 25, 2018

The las few days, from my arrival in Lima to my departure from Lima seemed a Dream.

No more riding, devoting ourselves to the process of shipping the motorcycles north. The process while cumbersome is not difficult, neither is expensive. The shipping documents must obey a bureaucratic exactitud to make proud any government for their efficiency… darn well we know their inefficiency! So it is just baloney, possibly to extract under-the-table monetary payment (in the Spanish world: COIMA)… “grease the rails”, as they would say.

Three days later documents are completed and we delivered the motorcycles to the shipping broker. They are scheduled to be on the ship the 28th of February and the transport will take 21 days (to Los Angeles)

Strange feeling, parting from our daily riding-routine, with no possibility to change our minds.

Lima proved a blessing for John and myself. A buffer from arriving to the US and instant activity.

In lima we visited the city, the old ruins of Pachacamac (an Inca religious center of great importance), the old Lima of the year 1535, the central market and many restaurants. John was introduced to the great food from Peru.

I have a great deal of family and friends, all happy to receive us and celebrate our odyssey. John and I were quite the celebrities.

Then it came the moment to head for the airport. Ten miles away that would take an hour and a half – typical lima traffic!. Lima is a small area that packs over eight million people, the traffic is unavoidable, horrendous!

Fog, threaten to delay the departure, and I was not in a frame of mind to delay my coming to the US and Home by one extra minute! Once airborne I relaxed, relaxed to such an extent to fall asleep right away until arrival eight or so hours later in Dallas, Texas. Change planes and head for San Jose, home and friends.

San Jose, California. Yesterday, I woke up at 3:00 am (my Lima time 6:00 am). My wife sleeping, the dog sleeping… I rolled over and snored another three hours!

Got out my home at 7:00 am to meet the old gang, the SMBC motorcycle group. I assure you, I was very happy.

This journey has come to an end


(An English translation below)

Un Buen Día…
Febrero 14, 2018

Salí de casa camino al norte
Fui hasta dónde no hay más norte
Volteando me fui hacia el sur
Yendo hasta donde no hay mas sur

Conociendo gente en la travesía
curiosos, con, vas a dónde?
Otros con, vienes de donde?
Muchos me hicieron compañía

Así desparramados tengo
Amigos por donde fui yendo
Amigos perdidos, no olvidados
Amigos queridos y recordados

Preguntaron, porque lo hiciste?
La respuesta un poco triste
No tenía nada que hacer,
Tan solo salí a pasear…


On a Good Day…
February 14, 2018

Left home on my way north
I went, until there was no more north
Turning around I went south
I went, until there was no more south

Meeting people along the way
Curious, with, going where?
Others with, coming from where?
Many, keeping me company.

Thus, spread all over
Friends from where I went
Friends lost, not forgotten
Friends loved, and remembered

They asked, why did you do It?
The answer somewhat sad
I, had nothing to do,
So, I went for a ride.

Thank you for reading, Alberto

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