2/20 Nazca-Lima, Peru

February 20, 2028
Lima, Peru
Arequipa to Nazca. About 565 km (330 miles),
Arequipa is building a huge highway project right thru the city, causing massive disruption of traffic. Unless you are a local citizen, you don’t stand a chance. The day before trying to get to hour hotel took almost two hours, today getting out of the city took the better of an hour. Almost every street is a dead end.
Once on the road feeling the wind, climbing the mountain that separates us from the coast you know this is why you travel by Motorcycle. And again as you see a long line of cars not moving… “thank goodness we are on motorbikes”.
Not so fast! We go on the opposite side of the road as no cars were coming. Once at the front we get it… No one is getting thru this one! A tanker-truck, taking the turn too fast laid across the road, wheels up. This puppy ain’t going anywhere.
The police, fire trucks, tow trucks, sand trucks are all doing their best to righten the situation, but…
When we advanced, we passed the better of one hundred cars, and coming from the other direction it must stretch (on the windy road) for at least a mile, or further. These people are impatient. Horn are beginning to blare, many citizens are at the scene of the accident looking complaining that they can let at least one-lane pass thru.
No one is advancing here! It appears to me this situation will resolve soon. They righted the tanker truck and will soon drag it out of the way.
John and I are at the front of the line, and as soon as they said go… we went! Ahead of us the freeway is ours.
From 3,000 feet we descended to the coast with the ocean at our feet and north.
The coastal road is very similar to highway 1 heading from San Francisco to LA. More winding and a lot of sand.
At a gas station while filling a “Policia de. Carreteras” came over to chit-chat, eventually asking “if he could take his photograph with us”. Dang! Off course. So there we posed with our protectors.
We still have two hundred miles to go, so we took to the bikes. Three hours later we arrived to Nazca, staying at the same hotel we had on our way South. The hotelier surprised and happy to see us.
This arrival has special meaning, we have now completed the . Nothing important to this event other than recognizing a certain completeness.
From Nazca to lima it is uneventful, 475 km (about 270 miles) of traffic. You see we are approaching Lima and the center of commerce for this country. The Pan-American Highway and the Peruvian (more Lima) drivers are an impatient lot. They zoom in-and-out, come within a foot behind you at 70 MPH, and cut in front of you as if you did not exist (and probably do not!). This ride is uneventful. I had anticipated getting lost. The City is big, and we have few landmarks to guide me. The City of my youth is no longer the same. There is enough to by trial and error find our way to my cousins house where we are staying.
Success! We are home.
Now… what to do? Lima and North? Lima and airport home? The truth, I am tired and I want to go home!
I’ll let you know later.
Good night.
The next morning. While getting ready to do some activity in Lima… THE POLICE!
Yes. My cousin had not paid the registration. “I am sorry miss, this car must be impounded”.
WHAT!? No! Please no! I have guests in here. I can go pay the registration right now, please, please…
Listen miss, the ticket is 600 soles, we can arrange right now for 300 soles.
“Nah, I’ll give you $100.
No miss, but I’ll let you off for $200 or, let us go to the municipality right now, and this car is impounded!
“$200 it is, and THANK YOU!”
And off we went to pay the registration and carry on with our activity.
Love it!
Some highway delay… a tanker truck goes belly up.

The road to Nazca…Some villages, sand, sand and more sand



At my cousin’s house I get treated like a king… and it seems correct to me, I AM!!


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