2/12 Copiapo, Chile

February 12, 2018
Cópiapo , Chile

At breakfast we met IURI Machado a Brazilian traveling on a Yamaha Tenere. Wow, this Motorcycle had been everywhere. It looked like a warrior bike. Fortunately for us he had already travelled to where we want to go: San Pedro de Atacama. He was great telling us where to stay and where to go visit and more important the road conditions we would encounter ( yes… some ripio… easy ripio).

We left La Serena hotel leisurely. At 10:00 am we have an appointment at Kawasaki. Getting oil, filers (oil and air), getting the chain inspected cleaned and lube. My bike has had a sound coming from the right rear. I “think” I know what it is. But then, Alberto understanding anything mechanical… is asking for too much. (I think, the sound is the center stand – has become loose – bouncing against the frame at every road-bump).

The shop opened and, lucky us, we will be outa-here by noon or before. That is great as we want to make it to Copiapo, some 500 km north of here (300 miles).

As we are parking the bikes John finds a pebble that had been dislodged from “somewhere” on the bike. It was polished smooth rubbing against something. Oh, I bet it’s been rattling and making that sound!

Well, not exactly out by noon as I had hoped. They performed all the required work, and just as they are taking the motorcycle to wash it, the other mechanic says…”i think you have a chain problem, listen to that sound”, he rolls the motorbike to where he thinks is the problem. Spot on!

Really?! So they inspect the chain closely, and… sure thing! a link was partly open. “This chain is not sound, you better be careful”. – what do you suggest? “My bike? I’d change that chain”.

Please do it.

Half hour later and $90 bucks poorer, I was the happiest guy ever! Rode the bike out of the store… NOT A SOUND! No more tracka-tracka. Phew, was I lucky.

We detoured and travelled today to a mining town, Copiapo. I like the simplicity of the town. Not pretty, just humble and a genuine working community.

Nice hotel, great dinner… I am history!

Good night.








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