2/9 Santiago day II

February 9,2018
Santiago de Chile – day 2

We came to Santiago to meet a friend of John. We agreed to meet connect sometime after work, which means… time to improvise and create a program for the day.

Defining “Cerros”… of a hill bigger, of a mountain smaller.

The Cerro de Santa Lucía. This is a hill (like several other) in the middle of the city. Some 800 to 1000 in elevation. In it they have built in years long ago an enormous house/castle/building ? Which serves as the tourism office for Santiago. Surrounded by, possibly, the most beautiful park a building could have in addition to amazing vistas.

The Cerró San Cristobal. A kilometer east of Cerro Santa Lucía lies this other cerro. Atop it they erected a Sanctuary to the Immaculate Conception. Pope (can’t remember which) came from the Vatican and did his “wow the believers”. Don’t really understand the holiness of the Pope or the event. The place is beautiful, very peaceful and spiritual. You can feel closer to God… I did! While I am ignorant of what exactly God is.

To get to the top of the cerró you must take a funicular up and walk to the other side where you ride a gondola down. Strange set up, but very pleasant. Again the views from here are exhilarating, dropping some 2,800 feet. We were able to clearly see the road we will take to the north, on our way to the Atacama Desert.








For the balance of the day we walked, and walked, and walked. At the end of the day John’s heart App said we had walked a tad under ten miles!

We had to rush, as we wanted to go to the movies. Loving Vincent (Van Gogh). A strange animated movie, worth seeing, done in Poland with all screen-shots painted in the manner in which Van Gogh painted… you know, heavy brush strokes with great intensity of color. Very creative film.

6:30 pm. Time to meet Tobias. He had selected a place not far, The Bellavista área. This is a place were tourists, university students and the hip go to a bar. Amazing!! Every bar packed to overflow with at least an hour wait! Not just one bar… every block had no less than 50 bars. Fifty! Packed full.

No thanks, so we went fir a short walk, Tobias suggesting that the famed poet Pablo Neruda lived here, and we could walk to see his house (now a museum). We did, and I was happy for it, Neruda having been at one time my favorite writer. (For those unfamiliar and find of cats, I may suggest you read his poem “ODE TO THE CAT”, you will, I assure you, enjoy).

We went to Tobias home where a beer was just the thing to celebrate our encounter.

11:00 pm. I am falling asleep. We walked back to our hotel in the company of Tobias, Roxy and their dog (an over grown rat – sorry Roxy)

I do not remember falling to sleep.




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