2/8 Santiago, Chile

February  8,  2018
Linares, Chile

“Okay John, let’s blow this taco stand”. Head north to Santiago, not far. 180 miles away, we will be there by lunchtime”.

Our hotel in Libares was excellent. An operation ran by Salomon Said, a Palestinian who had all the hosting talent middle-easterners have genetically. They are great hosts.

The Road north was punctuated by an increasing traffic all heading to the capital of Chile, Santiago. At one point, the congestion ( on the opposite direction ) reached easily 10 miles long. Lucky us!!

Finally we saw enormous fields of grapes testament to Chile’s famed wine industry. Today I must drink some!

Now a Kawasaki in Santiago sponsorship.


I cannot believe their terrible attitude. It went like this…

– riiing…  is this Kawasaki?  Excuse me Miss, we are travelers in need of service.

“oh, yes we can service your bikes two weeks from today”.

– Oh, but my good miss we are travelers, we cannot stay two weeks of hotels just to get an oil change!

“Well, that is the schedule, I cannot do anything for you, traveling or not “

– Sir, now with the maintenance manager, who showed equal mercy… Shame! Shame on Kawasaki, and… The Pox on you!…CLICK

We looked in the internet, found a small city with a Kawasaki dealer 300 miles away… called, and set an appointment for Monday morning, they will have us back on the road by noontime.

Okay, I can hear all if you saying – why can’t you do your own oil change? Yes we can and we even offered to to it ourselves… just where to dump the oil?

No matter, we are satisfied with the new circumstances, and … “ce la vi!”

Later, while walking, John and I discovered Santiago has a subway (metro?). “Wanna take it, just to see?” John is game to anything, so in we went. No easy task getting the ticket (only loaded cards you insert on the turnstile). And off we went a few stations. Got off and instead of taking the subway back… decided to walk back.


Walking back some three miles, or whatever, there we were, happily talking and looking around. Time to cross the one-way Street. WHAPPP! Alberto gets ran over by a bicyclists heading against the traffic. Alberto and cyclist down. Must have been a show as many people came to aid. I was okay, or so I thought. My right arm showed scraping, which later started bleeding down the forearm. But I was okay having memories of my friend Naren who had at one time, also on his bicycle… ran me down!

On the way back we looked for a restaurant “to my liking”. You see, officially, on this day… I turn 70 years old. Or, if you prefer (which I do), turn 35 for the second time. Ceviche, and a pisco Sour (which has become John’s favorite drink)… and, for good measure,  a second pisco.  If ever you decide to try this drink, may suggest you go fir three!  And, good luck!!  I am almost drunk. I am aware of the imbalanced walking. Don’t like it. I try and walk as best as I can… I am not sure John is aware of my condition, as he has selected a longer route back to our hotel. Good! Maybe I’ll be sober by then.

Happily this story closes the day, I had a great day in Santiago!

Good night.


Town of Pucon… really a small lake side by a Volcano


Going North to Linares… on the way to Santiago


Santiago… Fisrt day.  Arriving



Random people making a living in Santiago



Santiago… Cerro San Cristobal


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