2/10 Santiago IV

December 10, 2018

Santiago Day III


Up in a lazy way.  We are meeting Tobin this morning right after breakfast. 

Tobin is a 26-year-old with a penchant for travel and adventure.  He is the son of one of John’s close friends who at one-time owned San Jose BMW San Jose CA (whose current owner was his partner)

Promptly at 10 am we headed out the door to see the Changing Of The Guards at the Palace of The Coin (government… no pretense, they make the coin here! – and probably keep it!).

Quaint little performance by grown-ups playing soldiers… but these playing-guys carry real bullets.  It was all in juxtaposition to the place where Pinochet made mayonnaise out of Allende.  What a crew!


PALACE of The Coin – change of the guard

From there, Tobin took is to have lunch at a Thai place.  Not ever have I had such fantastic Thai food.  Small joint, not bigger than a half-size taco Bell.  Packed with people making a line out the door  20 deep.  These people sure can eat… well more a credit to Tobias who can really select places.


Thai Restaurant with Tobin

Then we went to the open market.  Wholly smokes!  I have never seen such enormous market.  It is the Central Market for food, things, whatever!  It is a Walmart on steroids.  And the food, the fruit… never such quantity and quality.  Well, you should know, unless you already know it, most of the fruit you eat comes from Chile.



After that, Tobin left us at the Museum of Human Rights.  I am not all that well informed on Human Rights.  Yeah, okay I know there are some mean people and governments doing some serious crap out there… But I am not there!  I know.  I am insensitive, but there is no crusader in me.  Although this much I’ll say:  The crap that happen during the Pinochet Government was BAD… and it was done with the approval of Kissinger and Nixon (both of them fearing the government of Allende, a socialist) attempting to stop socialism and communism in South America.  Thus, you have a string of Dictators in South America.  While I understand the US policy… the criminality of Pinochet has no forgiving.  In the end, there were no sanctions upon the murderers and criminals of the Pinochet regime (and he was designated to be a senator… or something).  Enough of this crap!




The Plaza Central contains The Cathedral… impressive.  Across from the cathedral, right in the park a couple of Dancers, perform … why?  I have no idea.  Maybe to collect some coin. The picture tell it better than words will.

Dancers in front of the Cathedral


And a little history… O’Higgins

I liked the guys.  He is everywhere in Santiago.  San Jose De San Martin installed him and from here on the military rules Chile… This was a long time ago



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