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… and a short story fir this day.

February 6, 2018
Pucon, Chile

Yesterday’s hostel, at Puerto Varas, is a fading memory, and not a happy one. The hotelier was to say the least … unpleasant. Will I return there ever? Hey, I can take a place falling apart, and that would be okay. But treat me bad… ? Goodbye forever!

But not everything at Puerto Varas was bad. I dare say we had the best dinner ever! Stuffed Ají. Yes it was hot! John in his element, I needed more than one Diet Coke to cool down the picantes heat.

The next morning we left in the rain, I was ok with that so long as left that hotelier behind.

335 kms later (200 miles) we arrived at Puerto Pucon. A similar place to Puerto Varas, just to the north. As a town far more interesting for having kept their “oldness” intact. Nice to walk with hundreds of restaurants. The only negative was the road (not the town fault) but it is a two lane road with miles of traffic. Over two hours to advance four miles. It was unpleasant.

Great lunch… ceviche Peruano, and it was excellent! Strange, that chile considers the food from Peru of high regard by saying things are cooked Peruvian style. Go figure!

Tomorrow… wait for it

Good night.


PAST IMAGES… I’ll try my best


These pictures are of the road on the way to El Calafate, Argentina.   The road will show some RIPIO (gravel)






a few shots of the Glacier Perito Moreno – (note: the word “perito” means: EXPERT… Moreno) This is the MOST active Glacier in the world.  Ice breaking all the time, Huge sections!



These images are from the town we are at this minute Puerto Pucon










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