MOTO PAX - 2017

(second part) Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego

And so it goes… EACH BUTTON to a different adventure


Tierra Del Fuego – This one, down to Chile in South America, starts in October, as a continuation of Alaska

The original plan to Alaska: Departing in late May. San Jose, CA to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Up – 4,000 miles including 500 of The Dalton Road – a dirt road. Make a U-Turn and head home. Sounds silly? 300 miles a day plus a few extra scenery-appreciation days. 15 up… 15 back. That’s the ticket!

We did come back in July 10, 2017… Well it turned out to be closer to 10,000 miles and six weeks.

2018 MOA Rally to Des Moines IOWA – this in 2018 Chris Weld and myself, Alberto, wen t on a 5,800 mile journey from San Jose, CA to Minnesota, Canada, Iowa, and back by way of Nebraska, Colorado, Utah and Nevada to California

See ya… somewhere!